To Better Apply Bitcoin to People’s Daily Life, Okcoin Targets Next Concern on Bitcoin Payment


Bitcoin is a myth, it made people cannot even think of it years ago, but it successfully catches the eyes of many investors nowadays. Lots of people are devoting themselves to shorten the distance between bitcoin and the public.

Currently, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Okcoin decides to found a pure /100% bitcoin payment platform, to better apply bitcoin to people’s daily life.

OKCoin Heyi claimed that" we treat bitcoin as an technology innovation product, and we hope our team can stick on the work of bitcoin related innovations and applications, that’s why we launched OKLink, a payment platform. "

Meanwhile, we believe that the ordinary people have no need to know what mining is, they are only required to know how to use. We want to make bitcoin payment more convenient and popular in a funny and simple way. With the development of global finance, bitcoin is bound to become a promising investment model and a specific consumption payment form.

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