BitYes-- International USD-based Cryptocurrency Trading Platform of Huobi

On the 1st China Bitcoin Industry Summit - Huobi's 1st Anniversary Celebration, several new platforms were announced to launch which made Huobi no longer a simple Bitcoin exchange but a comprehensive integrator. So far there are 8 segments integrated by Huobi: Huobi Exchange(RMB-based exchange), BitVC(Margin and Futures trading, Saving), QuickWallet(a 2-of-2 multi-signature BTC/LTC wallet), Qukuai(block info), BitYes(USD-based exchange), DangPu(P2P lending platform), Digcoin(hashing power exchange), btc123(a btc website navigation).

请输入图片描述 – Say YES To Bitcoin!

请输入图片描述, an international exchange platform for trading bitcoin, litecoin and U.S. dollars, was created and is operated by Huobi, with its extensive technical resources and wealth of experience. In order to provide the best possible service and most secure legal environment, BitYes is registered to Bit International Financial Services Limited, a Hong Kong-registered subsidiary of Huobi. BitYes has collaborated closely with Perkins Coie and other leading law firms to ensure regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions.

According to Huobi's official release:
BitYes will have 24/7 English customer support available through multiple convenient channels, including official public accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to respond to any questions and receive feedback. A VIP system will be introduced to provide additional services required by high-value users.

BitYes fees will be aligned with industry standards:

  • 1% Deposit Fee
  • 2% Egopay Withdrawal Fee
  • 0.1% Bank Card Withdrawal Fee (Minimum $25 Fee)
  • 0% BTC/LTC Deposit/Withdrawal Fee
  • 0.2% Standard Trading Fee
  • Promotion: First 1,000 Users Trade 30 Days Free, First 1,000 USD Depositors Trade 90 Days Free

Link: BitYes

Virtual Assets P2P Lending Platforms Developing in China

Recently, three virtual assets P2P Lending platforms were officially launched in China:,,

请输入图片描述 is a virtual assets mortgage financing platform, sister company with CHBTC.COM (Bitcoin Exchange) and JUA.COM (virtual assets bank). From, you can borrow money by mortgaging your phone number, car number or cryptocurrencies like BTC or LTC.
Features of (from its official website):

  1. Flexible investing and financing service. The minimum investment is 100 Yuan.
  2. Guarantee for loaner. Risk will be controlled by the platform.
  3. Excellent service. No need to line up, everyone can be a VIP.
  4. Super-high return which is 40 times higher than that of bank deposit.

Dangpu.comis a new digital assets mortgage and lending platform under Huobi, one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in China. Dangpu is Chinese for 'Pawn Shop'. It aims at building the safest p2p module of pawn shop, which can enable users who own digital assets to revitalize their capital and provide no risk but high-yield financing to investors. At present, Dangpu has started to accept the BTC mortgage and lending service. Litecoin, domain name as well as other digital assets with good market liquidity will be launched in the near future.

yuanbao.comvirtual asset P2P lending platform is jointly launched by Yuanbao team(YuanBao Altcoin developer) and BTCTrade(a Chinese Bitcoin exchange). Safety, flexibility and high-return are announced to be its advantages. So far, they accept BTC, LTC and YBC (Yuanbao Altcoin)as digital assets mortgage.

The annualized rate of return of the three platforms are above 15%. Virtual assets P2P lending becomes one of the trends of Bitcoin industry development in China.

Official Release of 'Update and Dividends of August' From ROCKMINER

On Sep.13th, ROCKMINER has officially released its updates and dividends scheme of August on official blog as below:


ROCKMINER team commits in this report there is no false records, misleading statements or significant missing and will undertake corresponding responsibilities for the authenticity, accuracy, completeness of the contents.

Statement: We hereby apologize for the delay of dividends and updates of August due to production issues and holiday.

1.State of Operation and Dividends Scheme of August

1) In August, we mainly produced 1,000 units of T1 Bitcoin miner (based on ASICMINER’s open source blades). About 300 qualified ones have been sold. And only a few of them were sold at price above our cost while the rest majority were sold at price lower than the cost because of price comparison and fierce market competition. Overall, this batch of T1 miner has been in loss.
2) About 700 units of R3/R4, 1,000 units of R-BOX were sold in August.
3) Total income of our mining farm in August is around 300BTC.
4) Dividend receivers for August are still our IPO shareholders, the total amount is 18.75BTC.

2.Next Operational Planning

1) Mining farm operation and maintenance, plus miner sales are still guarantee of company operation.
2) Continue to promote project of "Mining for Everyone". So far we have produced the first batch of an upgraded version of R-BOX---the New R-BOX, which is still orientated as miner for new players and education.
3) We will release the cgminer codes of New R-BOX, hoping that can improve the solution of miners and enhance the mining education function of products by the contribution of more and more engineers and enthusiast.
4) We originally planned to deploy at least 2P hashing power via cooperating with ASICMINER. But this plan has to be temporarily postponed for various reasons such as mining difficulty is rising up than our expectation, intense competition and prolonged low price of BTC. The plan waits to be carried out in the future at a proper timing.
5) Given the characteristics of this changeable industry, we will adjust strategies correspondingly. Some plans are under our consideration and will be announced at appropriate timing.

3. New Product Launching

ROCKMINER always insists on carrying out its "Mining for Everyone" program. The newly launched New R-BOX is another blockbuster of the program. We do hope through this small mining rig, which has exquisite interface and friendly user experience, more people can experience mining and understand the significance of mining. Besides, we also hope to contribute our own effort to promote and popularize Bitcoin.

Features of New R-BOX:

1) Higher hashing power than R-BOX, a better choice to meet the current mining demand.
2) A PSU with big capacity can drive several New R-BOXes at the same time.
3) Similar to R-BOX, the New R-BOX can be driven by PC or controller (Cubie or Raspberry Pi).
4) Similar to R-BOX, MediterraneanCoin can be mined by New R-BOX through underclocking.
5) Silent fans are selected for the New R-BOX to achieve low noise mining, as quiet as R-BOX.
6) Improved appearance with ROCKMINER logo on chassis, which increases the recognition of product and brand.
7) Improved product structure. The internal structure is hidden in a small chassis, which not only brings sense of technology but also increases safety of the product.
8) As for the parameters and appearance of New R-BOX, please refer to the attachment or visit our online shop:


Original Link: ROCKMINER

BitcoinExpo Shanghai Coming Soon on Sep.19th

The BitcoinExpo 2014 in Shanghai is right behind the door scheduled to start on Friday September 19th with a Bitcoin Party! The Expo has already revealed the agenda on the website. You can look forward to three days full of fun, business, friendly atmosphere, professional speakers, big partners, exhibitors and many other special people from the world of Bitcoin and Digital Currencies. Some of the expo major partners are BUMarket, BitBays, Bitcoinmarketing, BITSTICKERS, Black Arrow, MaCoin BTC ROBOT, Yuanbao, Seoul Bitcoin, ALCHEMINER, Ybex and PRYPTO.

Now let´s take a look at the program. As mentioned before, Networking will start at the Bitcoin Party on Friday evening. The organizers and partners of the Expo have prepared a Bitcoin raffle with many valuable surprises, for example Trezor, a Bitcoin safe made by Hardware wallet sponsor SatoshiLabs.

Registration will start on Saturday morning at 8 am. The conference will officially start at 9:00AM with a Keynote Speech. Speeches will be divided into two rooms called Satoshi Room and Cryptocurrency Room. During Saturday you can look forward to respected speakers like Sergey Nazarov, Leonhard Wesse, Aurélien Menant, Jehan Chu, Rich Teo, Jacob Hansen, Mike Gropp, John Reyes-Freeman and Nathan Kaiser. There will also be a workshop and panel discussions: at 9:45 am – Security Workshop, at 11:00-12:00 am Bitcoin in Asia Panel and at 12:00 am Trading Panel. The first day will end with a Networking Reception at 7:00 pm.

Sunday is filled with as many interesting speakers as Saturday. Aaron Koenig will be the first to speak in the morning at 9:00 and the program will continue with the Mining Workshop created by Michael Cao. Attendees will also be able to attend wonderful speeches of Brad Chun, Arthur Hayes, Martin Westhead, Evan Mo, Vitalik Buterin, David Johnston, Pavel Kravchenko, Leon Li, Lo Wong. Very anticipated is also the Regulation Panel from 1:30 till 2:30 pm.

BitcoinExpo Official Website Link:

The 1st China Bitcoin Industry Summit - Huobi's 1st Anniversary Celebration

Sep 13, 2014 Shangri-la Hotel Beijing

Huobi Bitcoin exchange was officially online on September 1st, 2013. Taking the opportunity of celebrating its 1st anniversary, Huobi organized the 1st China Bitcoin Industry Summit.

Huobi's investors delivered opening keynotes:

Leon Li, CEO of Huobi gave the welcoming speech and shared with audience the present situation of Bitcoin industry and exploration of Huobi. He indicated during the speech that at present the infrastructure of Bitcoin industry was week and lack of revolutionary applications. As a infrastructure service provider in Bitcoin industrial chain, Huobi would target at integration to enhance competitiveness. So far, there are 7 segments integrated by Huobi: Huobi Exchange(RMB exchange), BitVC(Margin and Futures trading, Saving), QuickWallet(onchain wallet), Qukuai(block info), BitYes(USD trading), DangPu(P2P loans), Digcoin(hashing power trading).

CEO of DigCoin, Evan Mo reviewed the whole Bitcoin mining history and concluded that scaled mining helped to reduce mining cost.

Li Xiaolai, Initiator of BitFund.PE. Speech Keynote: Future and Development in Bitcoin Industry.

Panel Discussion 1: Bitcoin Mining Outlook
Moderator: Evan Mo

Panel Discussion 2: Use and Outlook of Bitcoin in Application Area
Moderator: Jin Yangyang (Founder of Yangyang TV)

Panel Discussion 3: The Global Development of China's Bitcoin Industry
Moderator: Wendy Wang

Pioneer Mining Awards go to: Avalon, ROCKMINER, AntMiner, HashRatio, ASICMINER, Gridseed.

Outstanding Application Awards go to: BitOcean, Yuanbao, Coinport, Btct, BTCKAN.

Innovative Media Awards go to: Yangyang TV, 8btc, Yibite, Sosobtc, Btcside.

Huge Birthday Cake:

Exhibition Area: