OK, Maybe We Should Say Something About What Finally Happened to Huobi BitVC.


To tell the truth, what the fucking truth would be like hasn’t been disclosed yet, since no answer was given by the police. Maybe the employee was lying, or maybe Huobi isn’t the platform as he said, who knows. Every side has their own reasons about this incident. However, people in China may choose to believe that the whole thing may be a scandal. I Have to mention that no further news from that employee are here again.

The below statements are what Huobi Dujun answered in a telephone interview

  1. More than ten employees of BITVC project team have been counted, nobody of these ordinary staff has experienced both 321 and 46.1%
    events, therefore, we have enough reasons to tell that the employee
    isn’t our staff.

  2. The article said that he knew how Wang Huai Qiang handle the market as a trader, so as a ordinary staff, how can u know this?

  3. Huobi has received many investments, and we do pay much attention to maintain our reputation. What’s more, the BitVC hasn’t been
    launched long, if we really trade as the employee said, how dare we
    can gave out the 46.1% data, that's not logical.


BitVC Became the First Platform Closed BTC 20X Leverage of Season Contract

For the healthy development of Bitcoin industry, BitVC today closed the BTC season contract 20 X leverage, hoping that other platforms of this industry can maintain the environment of this industry.


Key Points of the Announcement of BitVC

  1. From next week, BitVC will change the delivery and settlement time to 12:00 Am every Saturday morning

  2. After 11.21 settlement, season contracts leverage rate will keep only 5X and 10X, the existing 20X leverage positions has no need to supply the deposit

You Are Telling Me OKCOIN is Cheating Us, Right? Oh, My Heart Hurts. Anyway, Let's Waiting for the Truth Altogether



About one clock this morning, I was watching OKCOIN market depth of buying and selling, many buy and sell orders were here. Then I saw a sudden price change on the browser, and I found a strange K-line. It’s hard to explain that the price of Bitcoin stayed at 2379 while there had no decrease in selling orders. Meanwhile, the deal record showed the highest dealing price was 2377.78.


  1. No transaction was there during that time, but how can i figure out the event that the price went up in 2 seconds while the selling orders had no change.
  2. Why the highest point of k-line was different from my screenshot ?

The strange K-line, it shows the transaction volume 1890 within that minute.


The selling orders at that time

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Now We give U the Details. Part Two: An employee of Huobi BitVC disclosed the behind story of his working platform, Huobi Co-founder Du Jun claimed Huobi has presented that to the police

Yesterday, I posted my article about Huobi BitVC, many people told me that they had no idea of what's going on in China, I do apologize for the incomplete news.


The Whole thing may be like this, an employee of Huobi BitVC gave out an article asserting to disclose the inside story about Huobi platform,and what he said caused huge concerns in the whole industry, Huobi Dujun told the public that he has reported the event to the police. However, Dujun claimed today " The whole industry is so grievous, and I myself feel wronged., he also said that the whole event may be the company's behavior. In addition, who is the real person posted the article hasn't been found out.

I have to mention that the article wrote by the employee has already been deleted by the time of my post. Besides, the whole thing hasn’t been got into investigation phase, therefore, whether Huobi is the platform as what his employee said, which remains a mystery.

The following three statements are what the employee unveiled.


About 20X & 50X leverage

After the launch of BitVC, Huobi management witnessed that 796 has 20X
leverage, therefore, they want to launch 50X leverage to win the
market, then driving away 796 and OKCOIN. But the final result was
Huobi launched 20X leverage because of risk control problem

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We're Shocked!!! (Part One ) An Employee of Huobi BitVC Disclosed the Behind Story of His Working Platform, Huobi Co-founder Du Jun Claimed Huobi has Presented that to The Police



Today, an employee of Huobi BitVC gave out an article, saying he had to unveil the inside news of Huobi trading platform. Meanwhile, he did hope the management of Huobi can learn something from this event. What’s more, on the one hand, he hopes that No personal remarks will be made; on the other hand, he wishes that Huobi management can admit the things he said, or all the recordings will be announced.

the whole management team of Huobi, including Leon Li and Dujun actually know little about Bitcoin, what they have is the worship of Bitcoin, they only want to make money and make 796, OKCOIN and BTCC went bankrupt or even worse, and never thinking about whether their behaviors is helpful for Bitcoin industry or what they did will damage this industry.


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