Futures Wars are Heating Up, Huobi.com Now Launches 20 Times Leverage

BitVC, a comprehensive digital currency investment and financial management platform owned by Huobi.com, today announced the upgrade. New version of Futures Trading is launched at 12:30 on October 31, 5 times and 20 times leverages are available now. While currently, the other two Futures platforms with high lever are 796 and BTC – Q, the highest leverage of the both are 20X and 50 X respectively.


  1. Future trading offers float leverage. 5 times and 20 times leverage are now available. More options are offered.

  2. The max deviation of BTC and LTC quarter contracts on the price index has been changed to 3%.

  3. You can now switch your trading unit between BTC and RMB freely.

  4. The cumulative amount of orders is now available on the price table.

  5. A new calculator, Profit/Loss, Bankrupt, Close position price are presented.

  6. New trading interface and many other detail optimizations

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(Yes. Bitcoin Can Use in Online Drugstore) Chinese Famous Golden Elephant Online Pharmacies Launches Bitcoin Payment

The Chinese famous pharmacy, Golden Elephant Online Pharmacies launches bitcoin payment with a low profile. The pharmacy now becomes the world’s first pharmacy accepting bitcoin.


The opening of bitcoin payment is the outcome of the cooperation of Singapore-based Bitcoin payment company YardPay.com and Golden Elephant Online Pharmacies. And the main objects of bitcoin payment services are overseas customers. The adoption of bitcoin payment can not only reduce the transaction cost also can improve the user payment experience.

In an attempt to avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuation, YardPay will help the Pharmacy convert bitcoin into dollars in overseas mrket. In other words, the Pharmacy just makes the use of bitcoin function of a currency transmission technology.

Source: http://www.btcside.com/new/detail/2624
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Rise or Fall, What’s Bitcoin Future Choice?

Bitcoin has no ability to grow up in China, on the one hand, the government banned; on the other hand, the main network market like taobao.com(China's largest online shopping retail platform) has refused to accept bitcoin payment. Bitcoin produced in China will benefit the foreigners eventually without Alibaba’s support.


Google lives well without China, so the same with bitcoin. Bill Gates declared that “the prospect of Bitcoin is promising, and the world needs such an international currency.”

On the contrary,the critics believe that bitcoin’s value is unstable, and it’s hard to succeed. The output of bitcoin is determined by the algorithm, four years in half, thus bitcoin is bound to become a deflation currency couldn’t accepted by the world. Because of the inherent disadvantage mentioned above, bitcoin will fail. In addition, bitcoin is a money laundering network, a black income pipeline, not worthwhile to promote.

Bitcoin’s credit, just like the credit of gold and silver, belongs to nature credit, not government credit. And government credit means nothing while competition fades. I’m optimistic about the future of bitcoin, so I’ll just express some personal opinions about the ills of bitcoin.

Firstly, the instability problem of bitcoin’s value can be solved. The bigger Bitcoin trading volumes, the stronger correlation with the real economy, therefore, the big selling can’t affect its value. Meanwhile, when under the situation of small transactions, people can use financial futures to maintain its stability, and stability creates trust. If you are in fond of bitcoin, then buy it, why not just treat it as a newly currency experiment?

Secondly, four years in half, another feature of bitcoin, makes people worried about the deflation prospect of bitcoin, but at least we don't need to worry about it currently. Bitcoin growth rate is further higher than the average growth rate of the world economy. From the angle of this moment, Bitcoin growth rate is equal to the global economy, and that’s twenty years thing. What’s more, the deflation prospect problem could be solved during 20 years, Google's Android system is a good example (Achieving the same level of fluency like Apple by means of ART).

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BTCChina Partnered with VulBox.COM, A Efficient Security Testing Platform

The China’s largest trading platform, BTCChina.com established partnership with the internet security testing platform VulBox.COM of FreeBuf, days before.


On the one hand, the cooperation enables VulBox.COM to work on security vulnerabilities report and related services of BTCChina.com.

On the other hand, BTCChina.com authorizes FreeBuf and whitehat of VulBox.COM to conduct safety test, which can better guarantee the security of both the platform and the products. And generous cash rewards will be offered once Whitehat submit BTCChina related security vulnerabilities.

Source: http://www.freebuf.com/fevents/49139.html

The Wide Adoption of Bitcoin Payment Will Become the Next Flashpoint, OKcoin Xu Star Says


Days ago, bitcoin company Independent Reserve set up its new Exchange, aims to promote a good, secure and fast way of using cryptocurrency. Chris, the owner of a Sydney coffee shop has a ATM, he believes that the bitcoin has the potential to become the future currency. “I think it will cause a stir in near future, and of course which depends on how people treat it, despite that Bitcoin develops relatively slow so far” he says.

Currently, nearly 76,000 retailers have accepted bitcoin on a world scale. Independent Reserve CTO Adrian Przelozny assets that this virtual exchange “is good, secure and fast, you can have your own account and go through verification in several minutes as an Australian, believing that digital currency is about to become mainstream.”

The new Exchange will make huge efforts to promote the benefits of bitcoin to the local merchants and taxi owner.“Ebay plans to accept bitcoin, people can buy vacation on Expedia with bitcoin, meanwhile, bitcoin can buy Dell computers.” Przelony says.

Bitcoin skeptics think Bitcoin is just a hypothetical currency, what you see isn’t what you get and the users just click bitcoin payment when looking into platform’s web pages. While a seasoned bitcoin investor thinks bitcoin is a digital currency based on Internet, such as Credit Card or Debit Card or an investment currency. I invested $ 500 and it has appreciated.

The biggest concept of bitcoin and the greatest reason of supporting bitcoin’s price is that bitcoin is a brand new, against inflation, low cost and convenient for cross-border payment system, but the fact that it serious lags behind in payment space, causing the loss of people’s confidence, which could mainly account for the weak price of bitcoin this year. In addition, Bitcoin Futures is not only an important tool to solve the current problem, but an indispensable tool heading for bitcoin payment for the whole industry. OKcoin Founder Xu Star claims.

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