Airshose---Another The balance of the treasure? A Awesome Virtual Assets Crowdfunding Value-added Application

At first, let’s think about a problem, will there be more imagination space for RMB 1000 or 1? What can you do with the limited money? So if the ordinary people are able to involve in the high-quality business angel investment project with low risk and no threshold, meanwhile granting the people the ability to engage in the business with big market value, we can believe a large amounts of which will choose to step into the venture capital and equity-based crowdfunding areas.


Nowadays, startup group and Angel VC financing objectives all target on high net worth individuals, plus the financial policy restriction, the both attributes to the formation of a tough class barriers. On the one hand, the gap between rich and poor is increasing; on the other hand, entrepreneurial boom remains eruptive. The good news is that Airshoes launches virtual assets equity-based crowdfunding platform, which enables the ordinary investors and entrepreneurs to enjoy the worth and goodness resulted from entrepreneurship.

In addition, what Airshose did meets the expectation of the country, the market and the society. On 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week China Station, Chinese president Xi Jin Ping emphasized that the whole society should value and support youth innovation and entrepreneurship, providing them with better business conditions. Besides, a series of regulations encouraging the creation of a favorable environment for private investment have been issued recent years.


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ASICMiner and RockMiner Releasd the Most Affordable Cloud Mining——AMHash

ASICMiner and RockMiner have reached in-depth cooperation agreement to launch cloud hashing contract project AMHash jointly. Dozens of Petahash hashing power sales will be launched within this year. In order to profit our customers the most, AMHash will offer the best price based on low cost advantage resulted from scale and professional mining.

AMHash1, the first product of AMHash project, is about to be released on HAVELOCK platform. This contract includes 5PH/S cloud hashing power which is going to be sold by 5 blocks (1PH/S per block). Once the former batch has been sold out, the latter batch sales will be initiated automatically. Meanwhile, dividends of the finished block will be released.


Pricing of AMHash1 is so far the lowest in market. The maintenance fee is only USD0.00163/GH/day, namely, maintenance fee for 1000GH is just USD1.63 (10 Yuan) which is way lower than any peers. Average price of AMHash1 hashrate is only USD0.5/GH.

Besides price, other features of AMHash1 such as daily dividends, close interaction with customers, flexible trading are attractive as well.

Basic operation mode for AMHash1 is that ASICMiner is in charge of providing hashing power and mining farm maintenance while RockMiner is in charge of marketing and operation.

More information about AMHash1 and updates, please stay tuned on the below official websites:

  1. AMHash web:

  2. AMHash purchasing platform :

  3. RockMiner official blog:

USA Today: The Price of Bitcoin is Not Just Appreciation

Mainstream media acknowledge bitcoin and its nearly limitless technological potential, which is really rare. The lucky thing is that the media giant "USA Today" published an article about bitcoin with a high positive meaning. An some excellent views are mentioned in the article.


“bitcoin is beautiful technology”

“Bitcoin solves the fundamental technological problem of enabling a more efficient and safe transfer of value electronically”

“bitcoin allows people in countries such as Argentina with unstable currencies, to be the custodian of your own assets"

At the end of the report, the future of bitcoin has been well recognized. Saying that "bitcoin is volatile right now", but the fact is that "it's only 5½ years old, just like a little baby trying to walk still" Matonis says, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

For more info, Pls Link here: Debuts in SYNC 2014, Geeks Also Need a Correct Understanding of Bitcoin

What’s bitcoin? How bitcoin develops? People in bitcoin space know too much and have discussed too much, whereas the outsiders’ and geeks’ concept of bitcoin still remains confusing. Oct. 24, the world's leading Bitcoin trading platform, will debut in Beijing SYNC 2014 Conference sponsored by PingWest, and interacts with scientific enthusiasts.

请输入图片描述 is the only bitcoin company invited to participate in the conference, relevant knowledge and information about bitcoin are supposed to be shared here. In addition, Huobi wants to take this opportunity to make geeks had a correct understanding of bitcoin, thus to advance the healthy development of bitcoin in China.

Huobi has always been committed to the promotion of bitcoin knowledge and the popularization of Bitcoin applications. technology vice-president Zhang Jian used to share his views about bitcoin security problem in the WooYun Summit on Sept. 12. Then following CTO Ju Jian Hua explained the construction practice of the bitcoin trading system to global developers in Qcon Conference on October 18. This time, will present relevant knowledge and information about bitcoin in SYNC 2014 Conference with the theme of wonderland.


SYNC 2014 Conference sponsored by PingWest is supposed to hold in Beijing Shichahai Theatre on Oct. 24. PingWest is a leading online tech media. Many famous enterprises will show up in this conference, such as deepglint, Razer and

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Top Up for Iphone6 Plus, BTC-Q Futures Trading will Online Soon

Futures trading platform, a project of Zhengzhou Bit Technology Co., Ltd., started the activity that you recharge BTC and we give away Iphone6 plus at 12 am on 23, Oct. The first will receive grand prize, a Iphone6 plus provided by People who ranked 2 to 10 will get 10000 points, and get dividends according to the points entered into the agent system.(seen in fingure)

请输入图片描述 began his first beta test on Sept. 20, 2014, and the second beta test followed on Oct. 14. Currently, the platform has gradually completed the optimization and upgrading. is the first exchange launching non-liquidation 1X leverage long trading, providing up to 50X Bitcoin transaction leverage, real-time transfer of futures trading earnings as well as dealing contract more than half an year.

In addition, launches a series of activities such as “register first then send points”, Hero call-up, Wheel of Fortune and Bitcoin investment EQ test.


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